Apricus Evacuated tubes

Replacing Solar Hot Water Evacuated Tubes Can Be Difficult

  • by Mat Briggs
  • Monday, April 11, 2016

Replacing broken solar hot water evacuated tube can be difficult for a few reasons if you do not know what you are doing. Plumbing repairs should always be carried out by a licensed plumber. Solar Hot Water Repairs QLD www.solarhotwaterrepairsqld.com.au carry a full range of evacuated tube replacement to suit most models and brands of solar hot water systems. We can replace broken evacuated tubes anywhere on the Sunshine Coast.

Common types that are easily fixed and we carry spare tubes for are:

  • Apricus solar hot water systems
  • Thermann solar hot water systems
  • Hills Solar evacuated tubes replacement
  • Heavenly Solar hot water evacuated tubes
  • SolarArk evacuated tube replacement 
Utube system can be a little different and some brands of these evacuated tube are typically longer.
  • We have spare Solar Lord evacuated tubes in stock.
Milky or white evacuated tubes have lost their vacuum and need replacing.