Apricus Premium Solar Hot Water

There are many things to consider before buying a solar hot water system. Evacuated tube solar hot water systems are usually chosen because of their efficiency in all conditions and ability to withstand frost.

The best premium brand is Apricus.

The average STCs for a 315 litre Apricus electric boosted system in zone 3 is 35 -37. While this is less than some other brands, Apricus electric boosted systems can be installed and tuned to be cheaper to run than most gas boosted systems. The advanced Apricus pump stations and sensors can be used to increase the efficiency and reliability of most other solar hot water brands.

Apricus solar hot water systems installed by us come standard with.

  • 3 speed Grundfos 15 20 CIl pump with composite housing is used to increase efficiency and help to increase the life of the system.
  • Digital programmable controller to increase efficiency and help to reduce breakdowns and reduces repair costs. It also means the system can be finely tuned for optimum performance.
  • Automatic timer with storage tank thermostat to minimise boosting for greater efficiency
  • Three sensors to help increase efficiency and reduce repair costs.
  • Weatherproof an UV stabilised pump station covers. Again this reduces repair costs.
  • Double overpressure protection
  • Flow meters with inbuilt throttling valves to help optimise efficiency.
  • Anti scald tempering valve.
  • Adjustable pitched roof frame allowing the collectors to be installed on any roof aspect while still facing north.

For this premium brand contact us and we can give you a quote

Other Apricus Benefits

  • Solar ready electric storage tanks
  • Worry-free solar hot water finance

The most common Vitreous enamel glass lined models installed on the Sunshine Coast are;

  • Apricus AE-250-GL-BOT-22
  • Apricus AE-315-GL-MID-30
  • Apricus AE-315-GL-BOT-30
  • Apricus AE-400-GL-MID-40

If you need a quote for a premium evacuated tube solar hot water system we can help.

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