Brands We Use

Solar Hot Water Repairs QLD is a plumbing business that has been established to repair and service solar hot water systems.

We are based at Buderim and specialise in both solar hot water and hot water plumbing installations and plumbing repairs.

This is the only area of plumbing we work in so it means we can fix your system quicker with reasonable pricing.

Grundfos is the world’s largest pump manufacturer, based in Denmark, with more than 18,000 employees globally. Grundfos pumps have one of the best Australian plumbing reputations. Solar Hot Water Repairs stock the Grundfos 15 20 cil , Grundfos 20 60 n, Grundfos 15 65 B and the Grundfos 15 14 PM circulating pumps used for plumbing repairs to fix hot water and solar hot water systems.

Wilo invented the first heating circulator in 1928, and now is one of the world’s most technically advanced manufacturers of heating pumps. Solar Hot Water Repairs plumbers carry the full range of Wilo OEM circulating pumps which where mainly used by solar hot water manufacturers like Heavenly Solar.

Solar Hot Water Repairs stock the German made and designed RESOL solar thermal controllers. Our senior qualified service technician has visited Germany for advance training fro use of the full RESOL Range. RESOL solar hot water controllers use some of the most advanced solar thermal technology available today.

The Salmson brand was founded by Mr. Salmson in Paris who specialised in manufacturing mechanical pumps. Its history is associated with technological developments in motoring, aviation and centrifuge pumping systems.Solar Hot Water Repairs stock and carry the Salmson SB 04 15 and NSB 04 15 solar hot water circulating pumps and replacement parts.

Senztek are a New Zealand owned electronics designer and manufacturer. They supply the leading manufacturers with controllers, AAE – Apricus – Bosch – Edson – Hills – SolarArk to name but a few. Solar Hot Water Repairs carry replacement plumbing parts to repair Senztek sola stat controllers.

The Stiebel Eltron hot water heat pump has over 90 years of hot water technology experience & hot water heat pumps are hard to beat. The volume of hot water needed and the usage requirements for your project will determine the appropriate model of hot water heat pump needed for your application.
We can assess your needs from your bill and help you select the appropriate system/systems for your home or business.