Old hot water and solar hot water systems

If basic plumbing hot water maintenance is carried out on your hot water system or solar hot water system, they can last a reasonable length of time. Replacing valves and sacrificial anodes are very important these days to make sure you get the most out of your electric hot water cylinders life span. 

Why do we replace hot water valves when they look perfectly fine? 

  • This is because after a period of time they no longer work the way they are intended. Valves are designed to protect the water cylinder.
    • ECV Valves ( expansion control valves) High pressure may cause excessive damage to your hot water cylinder and possible premature failure of the operating relief valve. The maximum water pressure usually occurs during the night, at the time of lowest water usage. ECV valves are compulsory to be fitted to all new hot water and solar hot water systems.
    • PTR valve. The Pressure and Temperature Relief valve (PTR) is designed to relieve the increase in pressure caused by water expansion during the normal heating cycle. The valve will then relieve the increase in pressure by releasing drips of hot water to the drain line. Should the electrical temperature cut-out device cease to operate correctly, the water will overheat.
      The temperature probe will then open the PTR valve and discharge hot water to the drain line.
    • Pressure limiting valves are installed to prevent the inlet pressure going above 500kpa. This is a requirement by all manufacturers, as well as a compulsory requirement by the local Sunshine Coast plumbing authority.  
    • Non return valves are installed in the water inlet Duo valve. This is to protect you from hot water flowing back into you cold water supply. When a new valves are installed the PTR and ECV valves can seem to drip more, this is not mean they are faulty. It means in most cases the system is working as it should.    
  • Why do we replace anodes?
    • Sacrificial anodes are crucial parts for preventing rust and corrosion. Without an effective hot water anode, your water heater will deteriorate quickly and require costly replacement. That’s why installing a reliable, high-quality anode is essential for keeping your heater in top condition for an extended period of time.

Solar Hot Water Cylinder Repairs work anywhere from North Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

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