Hot Water Services Sunshine Coast

Welcome to Solar Hot Water and Hot Water  Repairs Queensland. Sunshine Coast’s number one hot water specialist.

Sunshine Coast's number one hot water specialist

We are a business that specialises in the service and repair of hot water systems, hot water heat pumps and solar hot water systems. Solar Hot Water and Hot Water Repairs Queensland services the Sunshine Coast. Our technicians and staff have over twenty years experience in the solar hot water and hot water industry.

The fact that we know a lot about the most common brands of solar hot water systems and have the availability to access a huge range of solar hot water, Hot water and Heat Pump replacement parts will give you confidence that we can fix you hot water system. We carry the parts to fix your problems in our vehicles. 

This makes a big difference to the time and cost to repairing solar hot water systems. We have a long history of satisfied clients and the knowledge and experience to complete quality solar hot water repairs, solar hot water suppliers hot water system suppliers and plumbing on the Sunshine Coast.

Our Solar Hot Water, Hot Water and Heat Pump Services​

We are a true hot water specialists on the Sunshine Coast please call us today we will discuss your problems on the phone to assist you with getting your hot water system working. We are trained service agents and technicians who just fix hot water, heat pump and solar hot water problems. To be a hot water and solar specialist it takes continual training with manufacturers and suppliers. Mathew Briggs a our expert technician is continually training in thermal heating products both here on the Sunshine Coast and in Europe.

We buy our hot water systems and solar hot water systems through local plumbing suppliers for this reason we have the experience and support to give you the best possible customer service. Over the last 10 years we have seen several large brands who have promised long term warranties disappear as rebates and government incentive have reduced, Hills Solar, Saxon Hot Water and Heavenly Solar to name a few. 

Through our repairs business we are starting to see the effects of poorly manufactured products. We stock improved proven parts for and can repair many of these. Similarly we are seeing an increasing number of systems that need total replacement where the manufacturer is no longer in business. We live in a changing economical climate where choosing quality is the best option.