Salmson NSB 25-20N

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We carry a huge range of solar hot water circulating pumps. Solar Hot Water Repairs will repair or replace any brand of solar hot water system or hot water system. We are mainly based on the Sunshine Coast and can easily fix system in a wide range of areas.

  • Salmson NSB 25-20N

    Salmson NSB 25-20N


    The Salmson NSB 25-20 N was mostly used in some of the Hills Solar systems. We carry stock of these pumps in our vehicles. 

    Solar Hot Water Repairs QLD repair solar hot water systems on the Sunshine Coast but also from Brisbane to Hervey Bay. For all solar hot water enquiries please call 0455 265 539 or email



    The Salmson NSB 25 20B 150 is very similar to the Grundfos UPS 20-60N (150) Light Commercial / Domestic Circulators Pump


    Flow rates up to: 6 m3/h
    Heads up to: 6,5 m
    Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
    Max. loop temperature: +80C
    Max. circulator temperature: 110C
    Max. ambient temperature: +40C
    This circulator is suitable for drinking water only.
    Hot water accelerated circulation in distribution loops.
    Domestic installations and small commercial installations.
    Greater choice:
    - 3 speed,
    - adaptation accessories enabling replacement without altering the piping.
    - continued availability of an emergency circulator with perfect irrigation of the domestic hot water loop due to the ALS system;
    - simultaneous operation possible in the case of increase in flow rate.

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