Thermann Solar Hot Water System

Thermann Solar Hot Water Systems 

The Thermann solar hot water system solar by Reece has been manufactured by Apricus. All Thermann warranties and managed by Apricus. Solar Hot Water and Hot Water Repairs are service agent for the Thermann solar hot water and hot water system on the sunshine coast.  We are experienced in all repairs on your Thermann solar hot water system.



Your Thermann hot water system should have a basic check every few months to make sure the system is working as it should. This is not something you need a plumber for and you can quite easily do yourself. You want to check the controller is operational. The Roof sensor (COL) and Tank inlet sensor (tst) have accurate readings. The Grunfos 15 20 Cil pump speed should not be on speed three. It should be on speed two fro a two story house or long pipe run or speed one for a single story house with a short pipe run. The flow meter should be fully open. This will make it  easily used as a visual tool to check your pump is working. If the pump is working the flow meter will be fully up. 

If your flow meter is a yellow colour this needs to be replaced with a solar rated non return valve as soon as possible. If it is inside then it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Tuning you Thermann solar hot water system

Solar Hot Water and Hot Water Repairs can tune your Thermann solar hot water system. There are several things we do to unit to massively improve how your Thermann hot water system preforms without effecting your warranty. The majority of a system tune up is done on the ground, but we do need to get on to roof modify the roof sensor port. We can sometimes get up to 30 to 40% more efficiency out of your system.