Why Use Solar Hot Water and Hot Water Repairs QLD

We are well organised and extremely punctual. We cary solar hot water and hot water replacement parts for every occasion. On board we have 8 different types of solar hot water circulating pumps,  35 different types of solar hot water roof and tank sensors, solar hot water PCB’s and replacement controllers,  elements, thermostats, valves,  anodes to suit all types of solar hot water systems.  Our vehicles are equipped with Wifi, mobile Eftpos, printers and fax machines to minimise costs with job to job invoicing and payment.  This is all run from our custom intergraded iPad system supporting latest technology in accounting and solar hot water diagnostics.  

We repair hot water and solar hot water systems because it is what we enjoy doing.  With experience in replacement parts and technical plumbing advise on a national level we are highly experienced all aspects of solar hot water. Mathew Briggs the owner of Solar Hot Water Repairs QLD is also the  Solar columnist for the Plumbing Connection Magazine, Technical support Manager for a select solar hot water manufacturers  and participates in regular thermal training overseas.

We are qualified solar hot water service agents. We are organised with efficient systems to reduce the time it takes to repair your system. We carry with us and buy in bulk replacement parts to fix your solar hot water system and reduce the end costs. Our priority is deliver you a quality service at minimal cost to you.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read through our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our request a service page online or give a call.